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preview image of Christian faith art: Joy of the Lord is my Strength

The Joy of the Lord

preview image: sharing the gospel, telling the truth that changes a life.

Telling the Truth

preview image of a man kneeling at a cross.

Obedience to God

preview image: Joy belongs to children rescued by the King of Righteousness.

Joy Belongs to Children

preview art: Smiling woman holding a cup of fresh coffee. "My day starts best with a good cup of coffee and some time spent with my Lord."

Day by Day with Jesus

I Only Know 3 Things

preview art image: Evil chases after folly, never tiring.

Evil Chases After Folly

preview image: Old West cowboy in a barren desert setting, "Wherever I have gone in this whole wide world, the Lord has always been there to get me safely through."

The Lord Gets Me Through

preview cartoon image of a human brain deprived by ignorance and unbelief of faith in Jesus Christ.

Guard Your Mind

preview image of art: Life Happens in Jesus Christ.

Life Happens

preview of art: Great adventures begin with faith in God.

Adventures of Faith

preview image of small boy, happy to go to VBS

I'm Going to VBS!

preview of art: Happiness happens more often when we live for the Lord.

Happiness Happens

preview image of I heart Christ. I Love the Lord.

I Love the Lord

preview image of hell - make plans now not to go there.

Good Place to Avoid

preview image: I found happiness in Jesus Christ!

Happiness in Jesus

preview of Christ in me, the hope of glory, black background

Christ in Me

Christian faith comic. Better Days 2, It's true.

Better Days Comic 2

preview of Christian art. Man with dog, in a field: To enjoy a good harvest, sow good seed.

Sow Good Seed

preview image of Christian art: Pray for all people.

Pray for All People

thumbnail image: I heart the USA, with stars & stripes

Patriotic America

Bible Camp Sunshine image

More Art for VBS

free Christian clip art of children

Clip Art of Children

preview image of Christian faith emblem.

Christian Fish Symbols


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Illustration of a young woman: Transformed by Jesus Christ

Transformed by Christ

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